What if every piece of used plastic became a new product, recycled or repurposed in a closed-loop cycle? Hall's Retail is catalyzing that "Circular Economy" through Education and Innovation. Join our Open Innovation program and earn passive income when creating new sustainable products, sustainable packaging or awareness programs... 



Hall's has you Covered! 

The Hall’s Open Innovation program aims to increase our organisations ability to innovate new ideas, products and solutions by incentivising external ideas presented by individuals and partners to achieve market success and address world problems. 

There is a very real need to stimulate inventors, creators and entrepreneurs in the communities we serve. With Open Innovation, history has proven the successful social and economic development of cities, towns and countries that stimulate and reward knowledgeable and skilful individuals or companies seeking to challenge the status quo, improve efficiencies and further the development of solutions to the World market. 
"With a goal to create a world class brand that makes a difference to the world we live in and to the development of the human species, means simply that a new strategy is required that involves developing collaborative business models within the existing organisations infrastructure to drive innovation” Martin Hall, 2016.  
The program must provide a sustainable reward system that pays permanent royalties as passive income to innovators linked to the revenue generated by that product/service. By continually contributing products/services to their basket, innovators can grow passive income as a secondary or primary source of income and thus stimulating the economy by sharing the resources created jointly. 


outbound innovation

Solution Seekers: 
Outbound Open Innovation 

This is where the funder is an external individual, legal entity or company 


Problem Solvers: 
Inbound Open Innovation 

This is where the innovator is an external individual, legal entity or company 




This is where the Innovator is an external individual, legal entity or company 

*The innovator pitches the idea for a product/service 

*Hall’s and partners consider the proposal through preliminary market research and experience. 

*If yes, the innovator prepares a test sample or in the case of a value adding service, defines the process. 

*Hall’s design testing methodology for product/service and start collecting data 

*Innovator provides all content/data for technical datasheet and label directions. 

*Hall’s Design team start first draft design for label and marketing media 

*Hall’s package and present product to market External sales and Ecommerce accelerate sales. 

*Innovator receives a fixed percentage of total sales based on product volume and margin scale. 





This is where the Funder is an external individual, legal entity or company who approach Hall’s through a Co-Operation Agreement to be their Innovator of a product/service 
*The idea/concept is pitched to Hall’s 
*Hall’s and partners consider the proposal through preliminary market research and experience 
*If yes, Hall’s propose methodology/outcome and budget to achieve proof of concept 
*If Approved, Hall’s proceed to stage 1 Base Research 
*If Successful, Hall’s propose stage 2 Prototype 
*The process continues on a staged budget and outcome driven principle 
*The methodology to producing results whilst maintaining budgets and mitigating risks is based on Curiosity Driven Research 
*Hall’s and Funder enjoy shared profits generated from the research projects outcome 

Should you be interested in being apart of our spearhead in the community, please contact us: Click here!