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Activator D: Stops pool from turning green (850g Kit) - Hall's Retail

Active Dishwasher - Hall's RetailActive Dishwasher - Hall's Retail
Active Dishwasher
Sale priceFrom R 19.99

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Adi Surface Disinfectant 5.5Gr (Makes 1Lt) - Hall's Retail

Agriclean - Hall's Retail
Sale priceFrom R 312.59

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Alubright Aluminium CleanerAlubright Aluminium Cleaner
Alubright Aluminium Cleaner
Sale priceFrom R 127.19

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Alubright Aluminium Cleaner 2 High Strength 20L - Hall's Retail

Aluminium Sulphate 1Kg - Hall's Retail
Aluminium Sulphate 1Kg
Sale priceR 62.79

Aqua Balance 1
Aqua Balance 1
Sale priceFrom R 37.95

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Aqua Balance 2
Aqua Balance 2
Sale priceR 37.95

Aqua Balance 3
Aqua Balance 3
Sale priceR 94.30

Aqua Dazzle 1L
Aqua Dazzle 1L
Sale priceR 80.50

Barrier CreamBarrier Cream - Hall's Retail
Barrier Cream
Sale priceFrom R 76.11

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Battery AcidBattery Acid - Hall's Retail
Battery Acid
Sale priceFrom R 24.92

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Battery Acid Hi Acid 25L - Hall's Retail
Battery Acid Hi Acid 25L
Sale priceR 266.79

Battery Neutrilizer 5L - Hall's Retail
Battery Neutrilizer 5L
Sale priceR 130.83

Biocide Disinfectant 30G Sachet - Hall's Retail

Biogobbler BathroomBiogobbler Bathroom
Biogobbler Bathroom
Sale priceFrom R 105.26

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Biogobbler KitchenBiogobbler Kitchen - Hall's Retail
Biogobbler Kitchen
Sale priceFrom R 91.99

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Biozyme Washing PowderBiozyme Washing Powder
Biozyme Washing Powder
Sale priceFrom R 74.06

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Black Dip Disinfectant - Hall's RetailBlack Dip Disinfectant - Hall's Retail
Black Dip Disinfectant
Sale priceFrom R 80.49

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Black Out 1.5L
Black Out 1.5L
Sale priceFrom R 149.99

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Borax 1Kg - Hall's Retail
Borax 1Kg
Sale priceR 51.90

Boric Acid 1Kg - Hall's Retail
Boric Acid 1Kg
Sale priceR 51.64

Brassco - Hall's RetailBrassco - Hall's Retail
Sale priceFrom R 121.26

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Calcium Chloride Flakes 5K - Hall's Retail
Calcium Chloride Flakes 5kg
Sale priceR 111.09

Carpet ShampooCarpet Shampoo
Carpet Shampoo
Sale priceFrom R 66.69

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Caustic Soda Flakes - Hall's RetailCaustic Soda Flakes - Hall's Retail
Caustic Soda Flakes
Sale priceFrom R 73.98

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Chandelier Cleaner 1Lt - Hall's Retail
Chandelier Cleaner 1Lt
Sale priceR 75.01

Chlor Guard 1Kg
Chlor Guard 1Kg
Sale priceR 79.99

Chlorine Feeder Buddy 1.6Kg
Chlorine Feeder Buddy 1.6Kg
Sale priceR 140.00

Chlorine Pills 8's 1.5Kg
Chlorine Pills 8's 1.5Kg
Sale priceR 134.99

Citri ZapCitri Zap - Hall's Retail
Citri Zap
Sale priceFrom R 344.60

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Citri Zap 'Ready To Use' Includes Spray Head 1L - Hall's Retail

Clear Blue 500ml
Clear Blue 500ml
Sale priceR 70.00

Clino Fish 25Kg - Hall's Retail
Clino Fish 25Kg
Sale priceR 416.36

Copper Sulphate 1Kg - Hall's Retail
Copper Sulphate 1Kg
Sale priceR 145.46

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