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Pratley Flexiseal is a superior quality, permanently flexible acrylic sealant and filler. It also has exceptional adhesive properties and can be painted over. Unlike silicone, Flexiseal needs no primer to adhere to concrete and brickwork and it is exceptionally ultra-violet resistant. Excess product may easily be washed off with water before it is cured making a neat job easier than ever before. Once cured it is waterproof and resistant to most common chemicals you will find around the house. Flexiseal contains fungicides, that are not harmful to humans, making it mildew resistant.

Some suggested uses include:

  1. Ideal for filling wall cracks, then paint over.
  2. Stick Polystyrene insulation sheets under IBR.
  3. Seal window frame and door frame surrounds.
  4. Seal between wall and bath or basin.
  5. Ceramic wall tile adhesive.
  6. Seal corrugated iron roof sheets and roof bolt heads.
  7. Seal around toilet bowl inlet pipe.
  8. Seal and join leaking gutters.

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