Join our Open Innovation program and earn passive income when creating new sustainable products, packaging, and awareness programs! Our aim is to increase our organisation’s ability to innovate new ideas, products, and solutions by incentivising external individuals to share their ideas with us and partner together to create solutions to world problems.
"With a goal to create a world class brand that makes a difference to the world we live in and to the development of the human species, means simply that a new strategy is required that involves developing collaborative business models within the existing organisations infrastructure to drive innovation” Martin Hall, 2016.  
What is the process?
Step 1: The innovator pitches the idea for a product/service. 
Step 2: The proposal is considered through preliminary market research and experience.
Step 3: If the proposal is accepted, the innovator prepares a test sample or, in the case of a value adding service, defines the process. 
Step 4: Testing methodology for product/service is designed and data collected. 
Step 5: Innovator provides all content/data for technical datasheet and label directions. 
Step 6: The first draft of design for the labels and marketing media is created. 
Step 7: The product is packaged and presented to the market via external sales and ecommerce platforms. 
Step 8: Innovator receives a fixed percentage of total sales based on product volume and margin scale. 
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