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Eco Rubber SmallEco Rubber Large
Eco Rubber
Sale priceFrom R 590.00

ABE Dura Roof 20L - Hall's RetailABE Dura Roof 20L - Hall's Retail
ABE Dura Roof 20L
Sale priceR 998.99

Neon Fabric Paint - Hall's RetailNeon Fabric Paint - Hall's Retail
Neon Fabric Paint
Sale priceR 65.27

Craft Crystal Paint 100ml - Hall's RetailCraft Crystal Paint 100ml - Hall's Retail
Craft Crystal Paint 100ml
Sale priceR 59.72

Craft Metallic Paint 100ml - Hall's RetailCraft Metallic Paint 100ml - Hall's Retail
Craft Metallic Paint 100ml
Sale priceFrom R 59.72

UV Body Paint 100ml - Hall's RetailUV Body Paint 100ml - Hall's Retail
UV Body Paint 100ml
Sale priceR 101.38

Flash Harry Liquid Plastic - Hall's Retail
Flash Harry Liquid Plastic
Sale priceFrom R 98.99

Dulux Trade 100 Lowsheen - Hall's Retail
Dulux Trade 100 Lowsheen
Sale priceFrom R 760.70

Dulux Hammerite - Hall's RetailDulux Hammerite - Hall's Retail
Dulux Hammerite
Sale priceFrom R 122.87

Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade 35% - Hall's RetailHydrogen Peroxide Food Grade 35% - Hall's Retail
Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade 35%
Sale priceFrom R 65.00

Our Chemical Range

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Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade 35% - Hall's RetailHydrogen Peroxide Food Grade 35% - Hall's Retail
Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade 35%
Sale priceFrom R 65.00

Pool Acid (33% Hcl Acid) - Hall's RetailPool Acid (33% Hcl Acid) - Hall's Retail
Pool Acid (33% Hcl Acid)
Sale priceFrom R 49.99

T4 Bike Cleaner Concentrate - Hall's RetailT4 Bike Cleaner Concentrate - Hall's Retail
T4 Bike Cleaner Concentrate
Sale priceFrom R 94.23

Hall's Citri Dish - Hall's RetailHall's Citri Dish - Hall's Retail
Hall's Citri Dish
Sale priceFrom R 24.08

Active Dishwasher - Hall's RetailActive Dishwasher - Hall's Retail
Active Dishwasher
Sale priceFrom R 25.91

T84 Sodium Silicate - Hall's RetailT84 Sodium Silicate - Hall's Retail
T84 Sodium Silicate
Sale priceFrom R 75.43

Steri Fresh - Hall's RetailSteri Fresh - Hall's Retail
Steri Fresh
Sale priceFrom R 53.61

Shutter Release Oil - Hall's RetailShutter Release Oil - Hall's Retail
Shutter Release Oil
Sale priceFrom R 52.45

Micro Fresh Bio Cleaner - Hall's RetailMicro Fresh Bio Cleaner - Hall's Retail
Micro Fresh Bio Cleaner
Sale priceFrom R 101.65

Hall's Sanitizer liquid (Spray) - Hall's RetailHall's Sanitizer liquid (Spray) - Hall's Retail
Hall's Sanitizer liquid (Spray)
Sale priceFrom R 13.50

Alubright Aluminium Cleaner - Hall's RetailAlubright Aluminium Cleaner - Hall's Retail
Alubright Aluminium Cleaner
Sale priceFrom R 127.19

Our Paint Range

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Duram Roofkote - Hall's RetailDuram Roofkote - Hall's Retail
Duram Roofkote
Sale priceFrom R 321.13

Etchkote Primer - Hall's RetailEtchkote Primer - Hall's Retail
Etchkote Primer
Sale priceFrom R 89.82

Cheese Paint - Hall's RetailCheese Paint - Hall's Retail
Cheese Paint
Sale priceFrom R 93.31

Stoep Paint - Hall's Retail
Stoep Paint
Sale priceFrom R 112.12

Powafix Aquashield - Hall's RetailPowafix Aquashield - Hall's Retail
Powafix Aquashield
Sale priceFrom R 103.04

Powafix Trade White - Hall's RetailPowafix Trade White - Hall's Retail
Powafix Trade White
Sale priceFrom R 286.70

Duram Wallsheen - Hall's RetailDuram Wallsheen - Hall's Retail
Duram Wallsheen
Sale priceFrom R 115.87

Woodoc 50 Exterior Matt - Hall's RetailWoodoc 50 Exterior Matt - Hall's Retail
Woodoc 50 Exterior Matt
Sale priceFrom R 161.47

Wood Stabilizer (clear) - Hall's RetailWood Stabilizer (clear) - Hall's Retail
Wood Stabilizer (clear)
Sale priceFrom R 103.49


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Shop with us and make a difference!

Shop with us and make a difference!

Eco-FriendlyGenevieve Haywood

Safety equipment

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Gloves Crayfish - Hall's Retail
Gloves Crayfish
Sale priceR 29.00

Face/Dust Mask 3 Ply - Hall's Retail
Face/Dust Mask 3 Ply
Sale priceR 2.00

Screen Visor Mask - Hall's Retail
Screen Visor Mask
Sale priceR 39.00

Safety Hi-Vis Vest - Hall's RetailSafety Hi-Vis Vest - Hall's Retail
Safety Hi-Vis Vest
Sale priceR 35.67

Plastic Hand Gloves - Hall's Retail
Plastic Hand Gloves
Sale priceR 17.13

Material Dust Mask - Hall's Retail
Material Dust Mask
Sale priceR 28.99

Liquid Gloves 200Ml - Hall's Retail
Liquid Gloves 200Ml
Sale priceR 65.55

Gloves Nitrile Green - Hall's Retail
Gloves Nitrile Green
Sale priceR 34.99

Gloves Industrial Yellow - Hall's Retail
Gloves Industrial Yellow
Sale priceR 18.86

Designer Mask - Hall's Retail
Designer Mask
Sale priceR 39.00