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FIBRE FLEX is an acrylic and reinforcing fibre blended waterproofing compound, forming a highly flexible non slumping liquid applied emulsion. The presence of a long synthetic fibre mixed into the compound, eliminates the need for a separate waterproofing membrane and forms a homogeneous seamless waterproofing system. FIBRE FLEX is suitable for; parapet walls, tiled roof cappings, flashings, properly graded roof decks, lap joints, roofing screws, water features, fish ponds and many other waterproofing details. FIBRE FLEX is most effective in areas were no excessive movement takes place and were the use of a traditional membrane system is too time consuming or in the presence of excessive detail. FIBRE FLEX is suitable for areas of long term ponding but in such areas it must be used in conjunction with HYPERCRETE primer. FIBRE FLEX is available in 25L, 5L and 1L containers and in a range of seven different colours.

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