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Product overview

Bostik Glu GO is a viscous hydrocarbon-based adhesive remover formulated for the fast, and easy removal of sticky, gummy adhesive residue from non-porous surfaces and some fabrics. The gel formula is non-drip and holds to surfaces allowing it to penetrate the adhesive residue. Bostik Glu GO acts by softening the adhesive residue allowing for its easy removal. Effective on a wide variety of adhesive and sealant technologies, including solvent-based and urethane adhesives. A very handy product to use in your home, office or car!


  • Sticky labels, plasters, decals, tapes, double-sided tapes. A wide variety of adhesives and putties such as Prestik, wax and chewing gum.
  • Contact Adhesive, bitumen, grease, tar and asphalt from non-porous surfaces. Correction fluid from some fabrics and surfaces.
  • Hardened mastics and other adhesives that remain after old floor coverings such as carpet and linoleum have been removed.


Vertical surfaces, glass, painted walls and surfaces, metal, tiles, plastic, some fabrics & laminated woods.

*We recommend testing a small inconspicuous area prior to application to ensure the surface is unaffected. May affect colour in certain fabrics. Test for colour fastness before using. Not suitable as a hand cleaner, skin contact should be avoided as it dries out the skin. Not suitable as a paint stripper."

Material Safety Datasheet

Technical Datasheet

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