Let us help you make your next big idea a success!

There are so many creative ideas for products and solutions to everyday problems just waiting to be produced!! At Hall’s Retail, we want to encourage inventors, out-the-box thinkers and entrepreneurs to join us in bringing all their ideas to life!


Sound like a good idea? We think so too! Currently we have two Open Innovation Programmes – our Inbound Innovation and Outbound Innovation programmes each focused on collaborating and assisting people to make their inventions a reality.


Here’s how our Inbound Open Innovation Programme works:


Inbound Open Innovation Programme


  1. This programme is open to external individuals, legal entities or companies who have an idea for a product or value-added service.
  2. The innovator must first pitch their concept to our team and we will then partner with you to consider your product proposal through preliminary market research and experience.
  3. If approved, the innovator is required prepare a test sample/define the service process.
  4. We would then put together the testing methodology for the concept and collect data.
  5. Our talented design team would come up with a draft design for the label and marketing media.
  6. Once packaged and presented to market, the innovator will receive a fixed percentage of total sales (external and via e-commerce) based on the volume and margin scale of the product.

It’s as simple as that to become a successful Hall’s Retail problem solver and reap the benefits of your great idea!


What is our motivation? Well, it’s simple. History has proven that the most prosperous social and economic cities, towns and countries are those that inspire and reward knowledgeable and skilful individuals. We want to do just that with our community and make a difference to the world we live in!


We encourage you to take the first step and schedule a call with our corporate innovation experts here!

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