Merchiston Boys and Hall’s Retail get down to some ‘slimy’ business

September 2019: This month, we hosted three budding entrepreneurs from Merchiston Preparatory School ahead of their Mudrat Market to help them on their paths as future entrepreneurs. Our team guided the boys through the essential ‘must-knows’ of building a business – starting with the creation of your product, right down to the essential tips and tricks of sales and marketing.

To kick off the fun day of learning, the boys visited the Hall’s factory – where the real magic happens – and got down to the messy, but super-fun business of making slime with the easy-to-use Hall’s Slime Kit.

Under the guidance of Hall’s Manufacturing Manager Bronwyn Ritson and Hall’s Manufacturing member Portia Sikhosana, the boys learnt about all the components that go into the making of their ‘slimy’ product.

After creating their custom slime, the boys went on to understand the basics of packaging, where they designed their own labels for their Slime Kits, with help from Hall’s Retail’s art-savvy Matthew Hoyle. The students chose fonts, colours and even put a creative spin on the description of their exciting product.


Now that product creation was complete, it was time to understand the mechanics of getting products to the public, or simply put, ‘how to sell?’. Hall’s Financial Manager, Coral Gold, gave the boys and insightful talk on understanding capital, expenses and profits and offered them useful tit-bits of financial wisdom. The talk was followed by a Worq tour with Entrepreneurial-Guru, Martin Hall, who offered the boys a wealth of knowledge, equipping them to have a successful market-day.


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