Hall’s Tar Driveway Rejuvenator

A driveway may play a functional role, but it is also an important aspect of a home’s curb side appeal. Unfortunately it does crack, fade and weaken over time thanks to the little process called oxidisation provided by Mother Nature. 

Drum roll please… Hall’s Tar Driveway Rejuvenator is all you need to prevent the entrance to your home from deteriorating. Tar Rejuvenator restores the chemical properties of the tar’s surface, and serves as a waterproofing agent providing extra protection, which in return increases your driveway's lifespan by 3 to 5 years.

For the restoration process however, please see the steps below for the best results.

  • Check your weather app. A clear sunny day is best!
  • A good clean always comes first. Remove any dirt, dust or loose material using a bristle brush or a high-pressure hose. For stubborn grease, we suggest PowerKleen. It works like lightning!
  • Fill potholes with your bag of tar and larger cracks with Den Braven Polyurethane sealer and allow to cure overnight.
  • You can now apply the Tar Driveway Rejuvenator, ensuring you have an exit point, or you might be phoning Uber Eats and ordering in dinner for one!
  • Follow the instructions carefully and leave your driveway to dry for two to three hours.

To order your Hall’s Tar Driveway Rejuvenator and other products needed to restore your asphalt, call (033) 394 3976 or email us on sales@hallsretail.com.

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