Hall’s Black Friday specials

After a tough year, we all need something to get excited about, so, we have gathered the troops, and are ready and waiting for you to join us on Friday 27 November for a day of carefully selected Black Friday specials!

Drum roll please…..

Our crowd pleasing-favourite 5L combo, consisting of 5L Active Dishwasher, 5L Bleach and 5L Handy Kleen. 🧽 has made an appearance once again ~ get your Christmas COVID-19 clean-up kit for only R100! 


Hall’s Active Dishwasher is a highly concentrated and neutral dishwashing detergent formulated to clean dishes spotlessly clean!

Hall’s Bleach has hundreds of uses from kitchen and laundry to bathroom and bedroom, and even garage and driveway. Bleach kills 99.9% of germs and exterminates mildew spores while removing stains.

Hall’s Handy Kleen is an ammoniated general purpose hard surface cleaner. This product glides effortlessly through grease and grime in any kitchen or food processing environment. 

If you are trying to decide if your home needs a new lick of paint, let us help you make that decision!

This Black Friday, we are giving you 10% off ALL paints!

Time to get those rollers and brushes out 🖌 we think!


To keep you strong and focused while shopping this Black Friday visit our Hall’s Coffee Bar and enjoy your choice of coffee at the low price of just R15!
Yes, you heard right! Stop off in-between the mad rush and pick up a strong coffee so that you really can shop till you drop.  ☕ 


As excited as we are for Black Friday, we urge you to stay safe and follow COVID-19 rules and regulations.
We have dropped our sanitizer prices ~ pick up your Hall’s sanitizers (70% alcohol content) for only R15 for a 100ml bottle or R25 for a 200ml! 👏

If those specials didn’t tickle your fancy, we have also added a cherry on the top!

With every purchase made on Black Friday, you are automatically eligible to enter our Black Friday Lucky Draw and stand the chance of winning back the value of your purchase! 🤩

See you at the Hall’s Black Friday bonanza!

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