Getting to know Andrew Hall

From humble beginnings to great achievements, eldest son of Barry and Jenny Hall, Andrew has grown with the business and today serves as Director, Head of Sales and Customer Relations. 

“I started working at Halls doing maintenance, manufacturing and I was even a driver at one stage,” said Andrew.

Far different to now, where he manages a team of 14 external and internal sales staff, helping them to reach sales targets, build and nurture customer relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction is constantly being met.

With an impressive track record in sales that spans over a decade, Andrew says his success at Hall’s Retail lies in investing in customer relationships. 

“Building relationships is vital. Customers want to feel a connection to who they are buying from,” says a passionate Andrew.

Andrew’s parents, Barry and Jenny Hall established the business in 1989. In 2004, it was time to pass the mantle over to the young blood in the family, which was when Andrew and his brother Martin joined Hall’s Retail.

Speaking about the proudest moments in his career, Andrew said: “I am currently experiencing my proudest time at Hall’s Retail. COVID-19 closed doors for businesses and left people financially crippled. There have also been numerous job losses but the Hall’s Retail team has stood strong together dedicating their time and effort, and pulling out all the stops to ensure it was business as usual”.

When it comes to what customers shop for by the dozens, or litres in this case, Andrew says that it’s most definitely the wide range of top-quality paints.
“Whether decorative, industrial or automotive paints, customers trust and rely on our various paint products,” said Andrew.

“Our paints are very popular but at some stage during the year, every product has its time to shine,” he added.

What does Andrew do when he isn’t motivating his team to achieve targets? The adrenalin junkie goes motorbike riding, plays golf, fishes and spends time with his family. 

We are incredibly blessed to have Andrew at the helm of our sales team! His dedication and passion for people are some of the many qualities that make him an asset to the team.


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