Wake up and smell our coffee…

Raise your hand if you’re unable to start your day without a cup of good coffee!

As the world celebrates International Coffee Week (1-7 October), we take this opportunity to focus not on paints and adhesives for a change, but on the Hall’s Coffee Bar which has been providing the city’s hard-working contractors, early birds and coffee-lovers with excellent coffee for the past three years! Giving them the vooma to conquer their days!

The idea was born in 2017, and came about as a means of creating a relaxed and welcoming space to add value to our customers’ experience.

“There’s nothing more relaxing than the smell of coffee brewing and freshly baked muffins, and because shopping is not always an “unstressful” experience, and we wanted to change the status quo here at Hall’s!” explains Hall’s Retail Director, Martin Hall.

“We wanted to create a comforting atmosphere for our customers as they choose their paints and other products,” he added.

The person behind our now well-known and delicious brews is Prudence Memela who joined our Coffee Bar in its early phase, and to celebrate its success, and to give a nod to International Coffee Week, we decided to chat to her to find out more about life the Hall’s Coffee Bar Barista extraordinaire!

“Most of my training was done on the job and is ongoing as new coffee brews are created often. I also worked for a South African coffee shop franchise for three years prior to joining Hall’s Retail so my knowledge on coffee is quite vast,” says Prudence.

“What I love the most about being a Barista is the people I meet. Customers come in to buy a cup of coffee and once they taste how delicious it is, they soon become regulars. Regulars then become friends. I love that I get to create new relationships with different people every day,” she says.

Other than that, Prudence also enjoys the praise she receives from customers who can’t start their morning without a cup of our coffee!

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