Hall’s DIY: Prep your walls like a pro

Picking the right colour to paint your room is one thing, but did you know the key to a successful and professional looking paint job lies in prep work ahead of applying the paint?


See below our top tips for ensuring you prep your walls like a pro.


 You’ll need


  1. Safety goggles
  2. Painters’ tape
  3. Dusting cloth
  4. Sponge and detergent
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Powafix Multi Filla
  7. Hall’s Water-based Primer
  8. Rollers and paintbrushes


Before getting started make sure all the furniture is moved out of the room and you’ve taped the trims of your wall. Nothing worse than going to all the hard work to have the paint job turn out looking unprofessional.


Step 1. Cleaning


Wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to remove any dust, and if your walls have been exposed to oil and grime, use a sponge in warm water and detergent. Remember to ensure that your walls are dry before you move on.


Step 2. Sanding


“Smooth-down” the walls with sandpaper to remove any of the cracked or flaking old paint to ensure an even coat and smooth walls. Use Powafix Multi Filla ~ an all-purpose crack filler, to fill any cracks and holes and, once dried sand down until smooth and even with the rest of the wall.

Use fine-grit sandpaper for walls previously painted with a high-gloss paint, and medium-grit sandpaper for water-based paint. Wipe away dust and debris after sanding.


Step 3. Priming the walls


Use Hall’s Water-Based Primer and rollers / paintbrushes to apply an even coat on walls.


Primers are recommended before painting a variety of surfaces including wood, metal or previously painted brick. Primers are essentially sticky, flat paints designed to adhere to surfaces to provide a consistent base for the topcoats of paint and to allow for adequate overage. Skipping priming your walls would mean that you would need additional coats of paint to get full coverage of your walls, as well as a less professional finish.

A water-based primer is highly recommended as this block stains and even adheres well to areas filled with paste, providing a flexible and crack-resistant finish.


Now that you know how to prep your walls like a pro, come over to the store to get all your painting supplies to get your DIY project started. Our friendly and helpful staff will assist you in finding everything you need.

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