Hall’s how to: Choosing the perfect rug

Hall’s Lights is undergoing an exciting major revamp during the next couple of months and have proudly teamed up with iconic SA décor brand, Hertex Haus, making their beautiful range of rugs now available in PMB.


Adding a striking new rug to your home is one of the smartest and trendiest ways to revamp your space, while at same time create a cohesive décor feel throughout your home. But it is also an investment; so, to assist you with making a choice that you won’t regret, our in-house lighting and décor expert Kim Smith has a few core recommendations for finding the right fit for your home and your lifestyle.


Size matters

It goes without saying that getting your room measurements and the rug’s proportions correct is essential ~ too big or too small can really put a dampener on your décor dreams.

If you’re not sure about what size rug would work, glue/ piece together paper and lay it out on the floor where you would like to place your rug ~ this gives you a good idea of what size would work well in the space.

Living room: As a rule of thumb, leave at least 20 cm between the rug’s edge and the wall, so that your space doesn’t look “closed in”.

Bedroom: Chose a rug for under the foot of the bed to make your bedroom look twice as big; space in a bedroom lends to a feeling of calm and relaxation.


Get styling

If your living room has a casual and natural tone, consider a textured rug ~ a chic and modern way to spruce up the room, add interest and make it look luxurious without being overstated. Textured rugs showcase the finest craftsmanship, are stunning in look and feel and add dimension to your space.


Layering floor rugs is another super-trendy and effortless way to liven up a room. Blend colours, textures, patterns and fabrics to create a unique look all of your own. Opt for a softer look by placing a small, striking area rug over a large muted one to create a bordered effect, or go bold and layer several patterned rugs to make a statement.

For a space with a variety of eclectic elements, select a rug with a large graphic pattern, but few colours to tie in all the pieces, without looking too busy.

But if your space leans towards the more traditional, then you can’t go wrong with a beautiful antique rug ~ they are timeless and complement most spaces and architectural styles. Antique rugs, whether Persian, Anatolian, Caucasian or of European origin are true investments and can be handed down through the generations.


Mind your materials

Beyond styling, it’s important to consider the type of rug best suited to your home and lifestyle ~ cleaning, maintenance and durability are the three things to consider. Natural fibres such as wool and silk are hand-dyed and woven and are durable and naturally stain resistant.

Many modern homeowners are leaning towards renewable and biodegradable materials to reduce their carbon footprint. If you have allergies, sisals rugs work well as the natural fibers control humidity and the tannin discourages dust mites; while jute is known to be carbon dioxide neutral.


Now that you know what kind of rug to choose for your space, all you have to do is pick one! Visit our store to view the gorgeous range of Hertex swatches and have Kim guide you on how to find the perfect rug to suit your home.


Contact Kim or 033 394 3976 | 072 810 4738 | kim@hallsretail.com

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