Hall’s Citri range – “orangey” freshness and sparkling surfaces

We are in the business of constantly innovating and developing products that produce only the best results. So, if you are looking for cleaning products that don’t just smell good but work like a charm too, then the Hall’s Citri Range of cleaning products is exactly what you need.


The range includes:

Citri Zap 1lt – R74,40

Citri Gel 1lt – R72,10

Citri Dish 750ml – R18,00


Citri Zap

This general-purpose cleaner is designed to battle those tough and unforgiving stains. From removing chewing gum from carpets to general carpet cleaning, the Citri Zap also works as a general surface cleaner for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Available in 1lt RTU (Ready To Use) spray cans and in 5 and 20lt containers, Citri Zap is also a fast-action, non-corrosive degreaser for car engines and grease-covered car parts, and can be used to clean bricks and a variety of masonry surfaces.

The Citri Zap is an effective, easy-to-use cleaning product that definitely belongs in every home.

Price: 1lt – R 74,40 incl VAT


Citri Gel

This jelly detergent with a fresh orange odour is the ultimate cleaning product for floors and walls in kitchens, bathrooms, playrooms as well as saunas and steam rooms. This all-round, versatile cleaner sanitizes and neutralises odours making your floors smell amazing.

Price: 1lt can – R72,10 incl VAT


Citri Dish 

This highly concentrated neutral detergent has been formulated to combat tough grease and make dishes sparkle. The neutral formula ensures that this sweet-smelling, tough-action dishwashing liquid causes minimal irritation to skin when used.

Price: 750ml bottle – R18,00 incl VAT


So, don’t wait, get your spring cleaning going with the Hall’s Citri Range of super-charged cleaning products!

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