Bedroom lighting 101

A bedroom should be a place of tranquility, rest and calm as a reward for our busy lives; and as such, when choosing lighting, attention should be given, in equal parts, to functionality, relaxation and aesthetics.

Hall’s Lights’ lighting and décor expert Kim Smith gives us the low-down on her ‘bedroom lighting 101’ guide to help us make the right lighting decisions.


Overhead lighting

While the purpose of overhead lighting is to provide even lighting throughout a room, the trick when it comes to bedrooms is to combine this functional role with something that looks good too.

Downlights make an ideal choice ~ with their subtle, recessed design, they perfectly achieve an even spread of light across your bedroom.

For bedrooms with higher ceilings, a modern chandelier can add drama while creating a warm soothing glow as well as providing sufficient light. Both these options meet the criteria of been practical and good-looking at the same time.


Bedside lighting

LED reading lights on either side of the bed offer a modern solution for bedside lighting. There are many sleek and “clever” lights that come with adjustable arms that allow you to direct light exactly where you want it. Many LED reading lights have USB ports allowing you to recharge your phone when you need to. “These lights are “marriage savers,” says Kim “as couples can enjoy direct light on their side without disturbing their partners.”


Pendant lights

Suitable for bedside lighting or as clusters in center of the room, pendant lights are statement pieces that effortlessly add character to your bedroom, lighting up dark spots and producing ambient lighting.


If you need advice, assistance or inspiration on how to go about choosing lighting for your bedroom, pop into the store to view our extensive and modern range of lights and chat to Kim.

Contact Kim at 033 394 3976 or

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