Unleash safer enzyme power with Hall’s Micro Fresh

For those extremely stubborn and difficult stains the Hall’s team have formulated a unique biological and bacterial treatment designed specifically for upholstery, carpets and hard surfaces.

“Here at Hall’s we differentiate ourselves by listening to our customers and one consistent question we’re asked is, “what can I use for bad stains?” – so we did our research and have formulated a revolutionary product harnessing the cleaning properties of enzymes. The result is Hall’s Micro Fresh which is a safe enzyme-based cleaner that gets down to the molecular level of stains,” says Hall’s Manufacturing Manager, Bronwyn Ritson.


So how does it work? With enzyme power!

Micro Fresh uses “non-pathogenic” bacteria ~ or simply put, “good” bacteria which produce enzymes specifically designed to break down certain molecules (wastes/soils) into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces become “food” for the bacteria. The bacteria consume these soils and break them down into two basic compounds: carbon dioxide and water.


“It’s important to understand however, that these enzymes cannot grow or reproduce like bacteria, and they are produced to facilitate the breaking down of larger molecules. Furthermore, enzyme-based cleaners are much safer for the environment and people, compared to chemical cleaners,” says Bronwyn.


So next time there’s a stubborn stain, try Hall’s Micro Fresh and change the way you clean.


Visit the store and get yourself our safe and sensible enzyme-based cleaner today.

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