Classic Blue inspirations

Following on from the rich, deep Coral which was Pantone’s colour of 2019, 2020 sees the introduction of a shift which speaks more about the tone being set for a new decade than just the actual beautiful colour itself. Pantone Matching System (PMS) has announced the colour of the year as Classic Blue, a timeless and enduring blue hue that’s elegant in its simplicity.


The Pantone Colour Institute explains its choice “We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that is expressed by Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue, a solid dependable blue hue we can always rely on.”

We love this tranquil, reassuring colour and here are our tips on how you can incorporate this calming colour into your spaces.


Paint a statement wall

While you may be tempted to paint your whole room blue, doing so could actually make you feel like you are in a fish tank, so refrain from it. Rather stick to the statement wall plan.


Us it as an accent

For a gentle injection of Classic Blue into your space, use it in small doses with cushions paired with contrasting cushions of a neutral tone. Amping up furniture is also a big trend this season with Classic Blue couches and armchairs – they add an immediate pop of colour and a classy dose of character. They also can be re-painted when you’ve had enough of Classic Blue or when the next colour of the year grabs your attention.


Colour the kitchen

Give your kitchen a brand-new look by painting your cabinets Classic Blue! It’s trendy without the risk of being too “out there” and adds a sense of serenity.


So, if you want to get with the trend and revamp your space, visit us in store and chat to one of our experts for all your paints, primers, DIY advice and inspiration, and we will help you get on trend!

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