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Our skilled team is ready to assist you with the following services:
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  1. Project management
  2. Site evaluations
  3. Quotations
  4. Turnkey solutions
  5. Product Supply
  6. Expert advice
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With over 32 years of experience collectively in the industry, we are honoured to have such a hardworking and knowledgeable team who are confident in bringing you the best service possible.
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Contact one of our sales reps below:
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  • Evershin Pillay
evershin@hallsretail.com / 082 850 9334
  • Lawrance Hornby
lawrance@hallsretail.com / 071 575 3572
  • Shaun Truter
shaun@hallsretail.com / 076 022 6701
  • Sean Phelps
sean@hallsretail.com / 082 577 3113
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Featured products

Hall's Tar Driveway Rejuvenator - Hall's RetailHall's Tar Driveway Rejuvenator - Hall's Retail
Hall's Tar Driveway Rejuvenator
Sale priceFrom R 250.33

Powerkleen - Hall's RetailPowerkleen - Hall's Retail
Powerkleen Degreaser
Sale priceFrom R 106.39

Den Braven Pu Sealant 310ml - Hall's Retail
Den Braven Pu Sealant 310ml
Sale priceR 105.21