Sustainable gift-wrapping

Gift wrapping is as much a part of Christmas as the gifts themselves; but wrapping paper, the ribbons and plastic gimmicks are a massive source of waste every year as most gift-wrapping paraphernalia is not recyclable. At Hall’s we believe that taking action, no matter how big or small, sets us on the right path to protecting and preserving our planet.


So, this year, we’d like to encourage everyone to opt for sustainable wrapping ~ your gifts look as beautiful, but with minimal waste and as much joy.


Brown paper and dried orange slices


The name says it all. Switch from the shiny, glossy wrapping paper to modest, yet charming, recycled brown paper. You can even use newspaper, butcher-paper or box fillers.


Add character to your gift wrap by using twine and slices of oven dried oranges.


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Scarves and sprigs


Using old scarves is a simple, sustainable way to wrap gifts of all sizes. And did you know that in Japan there is an entire artform dedicated to wrapping items with cloth? Furoshiki embraces the philosophy of eco-friendly living and there are many online tutorials that show you tying techniques. Add a sprig from the Christmas tree and your gift will look unique and personal!


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Drawn on ribbons


Put your artistic skills to good use and simply draw ribbons on your gifts wrap!


This way you can steer clear of shiny tinsel, ribbons or string ensuring your wrapping is completely sustainable.


(Image source:










With these simple ideas, you can make your festive season a waste-free one and help save the planet, one gift at a time.

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