Meet Hall’s Retail’s Décor Diva!

Do you have a décor project that you’d like to tackle, but you don’t know where to start? Then you need a one-on-one with our interior décor expert, Kim Smith!

Kim joined our Hall’s Retail team in 2010 and is our go-to person for advice on anything to do with enhancing the look and feel of the interior of any room.
“I come from a town planning background, so I’ve always been involved with design. I didn’t choose interior design, it chose me,” she says. 

So how does Kim get to know her clients before helping them to bring out the best in their spaces?
“I create a connection with the person by getting to know them, how they live and what makes them tick. I take note of their reactions and body language so I understand better what would work for them and what wouldn’t.”
“Many clients are terrified of introducing new colours, but after getting to know them better and bouncing a few ideas around, it usually turns out that the client actually does fancy a splash of colour!”
“I have to pay attention and bring all the client’s ideas to the fore first. Then give my expertise so I can create a space we will both be proud of. I have to tap into their hearts,” says Kim.

At Hall’s Retail, we stock a large range of lighting, light fittings and décor finishes including the brands, Hertex, who is the leading South African supplier of rugs, carpets and wallpapers and K. Light lighting and Spazio, lighting products.

“I believe these are the best brands when it comes to style, keeping up with the latest trends and affordability. Even just one product from one of these brands in a home, creates a statement piece from which the rest of a room can be “built”,” explains Kim. 

“A great rug sets the tone for a room – it all depends on the room you’re designing. For bedrooms, I recommend that rugs set a peaceful tone, while a lounge rug can make a bold statement about who lives in the home. When it comes to the dining room, you will need something that’s going to withstand stains and wear and tear,” says Kim.

“I believe that the most important factor to bring a room together is good lighting – it can make or break a room, and here at Hall’s, we have an abundance of great lighting,” she adds.

Some recent projects under the Hall’s Retail décor banner in Pietermaritzburg include The Vine, Fire & Vine, Michaelhouse’s Laboratory, Braham Hills Springholm cottages and Worq. 

Do you have an interior space you would like assistance with?
Contact Kim Smith on (033) 394 3976.

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