For several months of 2020, many of us have been living the life equivalent to an indoor pot plant, thanks to Covid-19.

While this may have been bearable for introverts, for the extroverts and adrenaline junkies amongst us, it was tantamount to torture! Thankfully, as we ease into Level 1, once again all of the fun stuff is allowed!

Here at Hall’s, amongst our top sellers is our bike cleaning and maintenance range ~ which has been flying off the shelves since lockdown restrictions were lifted! So for you dirt-bunnies, who are back on your bikes, we share a bit about the range and what makes them the trusted brand of choice.

T4 Bike Cleaner Concentrate. This biodegradable motorcycle and bicycle cleaner cuts through dirt quickly and is safe to use on all bikes.
If you prefer this product in a pre-diluted option, we have that too, simply ask for the T4 Bike Cleaner 'Ready To Use Spray' 1L.

For that extra shine, our Bike Shine Polish, is an easy to use polish that creates a solid barrier between dirt and your gear, meaning your next wash will be easier than ever!

Take good care of the inside of your bike too with Hall’s T5 Degreaser. T5 is a water-soluble but potent degreaser that cuts through the sludge and leaves your filters as good as new. This stuff is strong, so avoid exposing your bike’s plastics and paintwork to T5. It’s also available in an aerosol solution.

And finally, let’s talk about tyre-care. Lubricate, protect and enhance the longevity of your motorcycle mousses with our T2 Mousse Mucus Lubricant. The product also increases the life expectancy of your mousse and improves your tyre seal quality. It’s also safe to use on all rubber and foam materials.


  • Let the engine cool down to avoid thermal shock.
  • Prepare your cleaning kit. If you’ve purchased all your bike-cleaning products from Hall’s, then you’re good to go and won’t find yourself spinning around looking for products.
  • Waterproof wire connections.
  • Plug exhaust pipes to avoid water from entering.
  • Clean and lube the chain before you start washing your bike to avoid dirt splattering onto your clean bike.
  • Match the solvent to the finish so that you clean all parts well without damaging them.
  • Thoroughly dry the bike to avoid water spots and rust.

 If you’re looking for a complete cleaning solution for your bike or motorbike, then Hall’s is the right place. To view our full range, click here

Alternatively chat to someone from the Hall’s team either in store or by calling us on (033) 394 3976. Whatever your bike-cleaning needs, Hall’s has your back!

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