Next level spring cleaning ~ 20% Off Hall’s cleaning products

We want to focus on two of our favourite areas of the home this spring; the kitchen, where culinary creativity takes place, and the bathroom, where relaxation and time to yourself comes to the fore. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for both these areas to become grubby and maybe not so conduci­­ve to relaxing or being creative.


Before you get the chemicals, detergents and scrubbing brushes out, consider the option that is less harmful to yourself, the environment and the surfaces in your home.


It is possible, because we’ve created it and more and more of our customers are making the switch!


Introducing the Hall’s Biogobbler range designed to use the power of natural enzymes to break down dirt and eliminate odours. Each product in the range has been designed to target stains in particular areas using 100% natural enzymes.


The range includes:

  • The Hall’s Biogobbler Kitchen
  • The Hall’s Biogobbler Bathroom

To encourage you to embrace a healthy dose of spring cleaning this spring, we are offering 20% off Hall’s Biogobbler Kitchen and Hall’s Biogobbler Bathroom in both 1lt and 5lt sizes.


Hall’s Biogobbler Kitchen targets and breaks down proteins, starches, fats, oils and greases commonly found in the kitchen, while Hall’s Biogobbler Bathroom penetrates deep into the cracks, crevices and pores of surfaces to target organics and germs specific to bathrooms.


Choose the safe, non-toxic option and be sure to buy the Hall’s Biogobbler range in store or order it from our friendly sales team on

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