Hall’s trends in practice: 4 ways with warm neutrals

At Hall’s, we stock a variety of quality paint brands that set colour trends each year to provide inspiration for modern feels in the home. This year, these brands have chosen subdued colours to bring an indulgent sense of calm to your home. We just love the palette provided!

We will be bringing you our favourite ideas in the 2019 Hall’s Inspiration Series to round up the year’s colour trends and showcase how you can incorporate the season colours into your home.

The first in our series of the 2019 Hall’s Inspiration Series is warm neutrals. Ringing true to the basics of versatility, warm neutral tones play with minimalism; with the darker end of the muted spectrum great for well-lit rooms – and pair well with warm maroons, brown-reds and dull blacks. The lighter end of this colour palette is more diverse and adds space to a room – working well with dirty grey pinks, light brown grey, warm beige, and warm and cool light greys.

We take a look at a few fun yet sophisticated ways of using muted amber, found on the darkest end of the neutral family and how you can incorporate this colour palette in your bedroom, kitchen, living room or any room in fact.


  1. Multi-toned walls. While the flat use of this colour is beautiful, we challenge you to get creative with juxtaposition by using multiple tones on your walls from the pairing colour palette in the form of wall trims, geometric shapes or divided colour walls.


  1. Divine décor. Perfectly suited to black, white and grey furniture and countertops, splashes of colour can be added by using throws, scatter cushions, lamp shades all from the pairing colour palette. They key to décor that works is to keep it simple – stick to two pairing colours and use them sparingly throughout the room to avoid an overkill of warm colours. Balance is the magic word!


  1. Metallic finishing. Just about any metallic fitting will go with the warm neutral colour palette; however, copper and brass tones are the cherry on top! Add to the elegance by incorporating these metals/metallic looks in taps, cookware, light fittings, doorknobs table décor.

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