Hall’s how to: DIY art

Tape art

Create a colourful, geometric piece of art with nothing but acrylic paints, a canvas and painter’s tape! Cut strips of painter’s tape and stick them to your canvas in any shape you like.


Using acrylic paints and a paintbrush, “fill” in the shapes – you can either go for solid colours to fill each shape or mix colours. Once the paints have dried, gently pull away the painter’s tape to reveal your geometric masterpiece.



Image source: Pinterest










Pour painting

Pour painting

Watch as colours mix and move to produce gorgeous patterns and effects. To create this work of art, you will require liquid or soft-body acrylic paints.


Set up a workspace with a tarp and an aluminium baking pan to “contain” the paint that pours off the canvas. Place two wooden blocks or tins cans to hold your canvas on a raised surface (on the tarp). Carefully pour the colours of your choice into a cup or jug, be careful not to mix or move the cup too much. Then pour the combined paint onto the canvas.


For an interesting pattern (as per the image), pour the paints in a gentle swirling motion. Now hold the canvas by its edges and gently swirl the canvas around, allowing the paint to “flow” to all the edges while the excess drips into the baking pan. Let the canvas dry and voila, you have a one of a kind art piece bursting with all your favourite colours.


Need a little help? Click here to watch an easy video tutorial.



Image source: acrylgissen.com



Doily canvas art

This simple art hack is a great way to put old doilies to good use and create a modern piece of art. Using acrylic paints, paint a canvas with a solid colour.


Once dry, place the doilies on the canvas and spray paint over them in a contrasting colour.

Once dry, pull the doily off; the doily pattern easily transfers onto your canvas and you don’t even have to be a master artist to create these beautiful patterns!


Image source: joann.com









Now that you’ve got the art-inspiration and ideas, bring the kids to the store to get all your DIY art supplies and start getting creative! From art canvases, to acrylic paints and painting supplies, we stock everything you need to get your art on!

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