Get (the kids) crafting during lockdown

Parents across the nation are all scrambling to find creative ways to keep kids occupied during lockdown. So, we thought we’d help with a few of our favourite ideas to keep the kids busy, and you sane!

Stained glass painting

halls-kids-crafts-ideas-stained-glass-painting  Give your kids free rein of the windows. Use tape to outline shapes on a large window, then let the kids’ creativity run wild with acrylic paints as they fill in the shapes.

The best part – you can wipe the paint off with a little soap and water; and let them do it all over again!

Image courtesy: learnandbloom




Toilet roll funnies

Now with all those extra toilet rolls lying around……… there’s a whole new world of crafts out there for the kids to explore.

With a little imagination and some glue, the kids can enjoy hours of fun.

Image courtesy: Biolink Attention Training Ermelo





Talking fish

With pegs and paper, you can help your kids create a whole collection of ‘talking’ fish.

Get the kids to draw and colour fish on a piece of paper then cut the picture in half. Stick the ends of each half to a peg and voila as you open and close the peg, so their fish “talks”! Get your kids to do fun voices and have conversations with their ‘fishy friends’ – hopefully this will amuse them for a while!

Image courtesy: Zodio_home




With these simple ideas, keep your kids productive and happy, while building their creativity, honing their fine motor skills and fuelling their imaginations.

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