Man sanitizing surfaces with Hall's Retail hand sanitizer while wearing a mask and gloves.

Adjusting to the “new normal” amidst so much uncertainty, as more and more of us head back to work, is challenging enough, but the added stress of the mountain of regulations pertaining to the new cleaning and hygiene protocols is daunting to many people.

And justifiably so, what must be cleaned? How often? What products are effective and safe? Will my staff/ my family be safe?

These are just a few of the many questions we’re receiving from our customers.

We have done the research so that you don’t have to, and below is a list of the new hygiene protocols as well as what we recommend you implement at home, in your workspace or in schools as the return to the new normal becomes the norm in Level 3.

All about cleaning!

  • How often should you clean your surfaces?

Although researchers still have a lot to learn about the Coronavirus, what we do know is that the virus can live on surfaces for a considerable amount of time, making strict hygiene habits a crucial part of our everyday lives.

  • Metal: 5 days
  • Wood: 4 days
  • Plastic: 2 to 3 days
  • Stainless steel: 2 to 3 days
  • Cardboard: 24 hours
  • Copper: 4 hours
  • Glass: 5 days

Sourced from WebMD.

  • So, what does this mean?
  1. You should be hand-cleaning/ wiping down all surfaces and objects in your home and office at least once a day with a disinfectant. Hall’s Steri Fresh is an effective surface cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer available in 2lt, 5lt and 20lt – the ideal product for keeping your family and colleagues healthy and protected.
  2. Bleach has also been proven to be effective against Coronavirus when cleaning surfaces. Hall’s Bleach is great for all around your home and is available in 2lt, 5lt and 20lt.
  3. Everyone in your home and workspace should wash hands frequently with soap and warm water (for at least 20 seconds). Our Hall’s Hand Soap is available in an array of fragrances to ensure your hands are hygienically clean and smell great too!
  4. The use of a hand sanitizer with an alcohol level of at least 60% is advised. Our Hall’s Hand Sanitizer has over 70% alcohol content to ensure maximum efficiency and is available as a gel or liquid.
  5. Consider installing a touchless dispenser in your factory, warehouse or office ~ the less contact, the better! We are currently offering a discount to preferred customers committed to refilling their touchless dispensers with Hall’s Hand Sanitizer. To take up this offer, chat to us here.

Deep Cleaning

  • What is deep cleaning? Deep cleaning involves intensive disinfecting of your entire space including hard flooring, carpeting and all surfaces, as well as those forgotten corners that collect virus-carrying particulars and those ‘high-touch’ surfaces that are hard to thoroughly clean.
  • Why should you deep clean? Deep cleaning is a recommended and certain way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission by ensuring every surface, corner and item is hygienically cleaned with effective products.
  • How often should you deep clean? In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak it is advisable to do a deep clean on a weekly basis to ensure maximum safety for every person that enters and exits your facility.
  • How can Hall’s help you?

Hall’s Retail offers high-quality cleaning products that allows each and every customer peace of mind. We ensure that our products are not only up to standard with government regulations, but that they go above being standard and rather achieve excellence.

For everyday use, try our Hall’s Steri Fresh surface cleaner, Hall’s Hand Soap, Hall’s Aviwash (liquid anti-bacterial wash), Hall’s Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer and Medisure Surface Cleaner, this is the ideal collection of products to see you through this time. Our Hall’s Deep Clean Team is also available to tackle your space and give you peace of mind during this time.

Hall’s Deep Clean Team

  • Our trained team, fully geared in PPE, will use high-powered atomizers to disinfect your space.
  • The team will then spray and wipe down all contact points with powerful sanitizers that are in accordance with SANS 5261:2009.
  • After a deep clean, services can resume within 1 hour.

To book a deep clean or to order products for collection, you have the following options:

Now, how can you help us?

Please consider backing the #HallsCoronaInitiative. All proceeds of this campaign will be spent to aid the supply of sanitizers and masks to the people in our city that need it the most! Read more here.

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