Flash Harry Roof Plasters

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SIZE: 100mm x 3m


ROOF PLASTERS are a ready-to-use, self-adhesive roll of acrylic waterproofing material. ROOF PLASTERS consist of 100gram stitch-bonded polyester waterproofing membrane (SBP), coated with a Flash Harry acrylic waterproofing compound. This controlled factory application ensures thorough saturation (no pinholes) of the SBP as well as eliminating the drying process which hampers the performance of traditional acrylic waterproofing systems. This pre-saturated and pre-dried Acrylic Waterproofing membrane is then laminated to a pressure-sensitive, rubberized, SBS (polystyrenepolybutadiene-polystyrene) modified bitumen adhesive, which has excellent adhesion onto all roofing substrates. ROOF PLASTERS form a no mess, no fuss, quick and easy to use waterproofing material suitable for all roofing details such as flashings, lap joints, chimneys, gutters, valleys, skylights, and roof screw bolts, as well as existing bitumen (torch on or malthoid systems). ROOF PLASTERS are available in Red, Grey, Black, and Terracotta colors.

Roll dimensions are 200mm x 3m and 100mm x 3m.

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