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PU Adhesive 690 is a single component, low VOC polyurethane-based adhesive exhibiting high tensile strength, and adhesive properties. It is a permanently elastic product with good gap-filling properties. It is ideally suited for bonding engineered and solid wood to concrete floors.


PU 690 is applied to properly prepare substrate directly from the tin or sausage and uniformly distributed by notched trowel, spatula, nozzle applicator, or putty knife. Press the wood floor elements firmly into the adhesive so that the wood floor underside is sufficiently wetted. Tap with a hammer and an impact block or rubber mallet to ensure adequate contact. Leave gaps at room perimeters and at any floor wall partition to allow wood flooring to move naturally.

- follow recommended guidelines from the wood floor manufacturers. Use expansion joints for large areas. Apply adhesive at a rate of around 1.5 square meters per litre (1 x 600 ml sausage per square meter) depending on the roughness and porosity of the substrate.


Surfaces must be clean, dry to the touch, and free of dust, oil, and grease. The moisture content of cement screed must not exceed 5%, using internationally accepted methods such as the Tramex method. Ensure that bituminous residues are scraped off before installation when installing refurbished old type blocks. New wood does not need any pre-treatment prior to bonding. All screeds should first be primed using an epoxy 2 Part water-based Primer. Allow drying for 2 - 4 hours before installation of wood.

Cord Bonding:

If the adhesive is applied to the planks rather than the floor, the technique of cord bonding can be used. Cord bonding has advantages on uneven floors where more adhesive may need to be applied in low-lying spots. The adhesive should be applied by a closed barrel gun. The nozzle needs to be cut to allow a minimum bead size of 10mm. The adhesive should be applied down the narrow side of the plank, not down the length, or directly on the floor, at a maximum spacing of 150mm. Apply at a rate not exceeding 1,2 square meters per sausage.

600 ml Foil Sausages


All uncured adhesive must be cleaned before curing take place. Cured adhesive can only be removed via mechanical means. Clean up any uncured adhesive remaining on the wood floor surface using mineral turpentine. (Caution: Both Flammable)



R40 - Limited evidence of a carcinogenic effect

R42/43 - May cause skin sensitization by inhalation and skin contact

S23 - Do not deliberately inhale

S36/37 - Wear protective clothing (gloves) if necessary

S45 - If you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately

Download the Safety Datasheet here.

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