What’s your COVID-19 workplace plan?

The heart of the Hall’s family business has always been customer-centric and focused on delivering innovative products for our customers in the greater Pietermaritzburg community. That has never changed. And yet everything has.
And our response? Stepping up to the plate with effective cleaning, sanitizing and high-end hygiene solutions that can help you bolster your COVID-19 workplace hygiene plan.
Here’s how…

Staff safety: Ensuring the safety of your staff is paramount to sustainable and continued operations. Protect your team with our powerful hand sanitizers ~ with over 70% alcohol content, our waterless liquid and gel Hand Sanitizers ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Touchless sanitisation: To “cover” all entrance and exit points of your establishment, consider installing touchless sanitizer dispensing units for minimal contact; we will provide a discount to preferred customers committed to refilling their touchless dispensers with Hall’s Hand Sanitizer.

Bathroom hygiene: For added safety, consider replacing traditional soaps with our anti-bacterial hand soaps that are tough on germs but soft on hands.

Disinfectants: To ensure effective cleaning of all surfaces, we offer two surface disinfectants:
Hall’s Steri Fresh: a 2-in-1 deodorizer and sterilizer, for keeping your surfaces clean, free from bacteria, germs and viruses while smelling great; and ADI Surface Cleaner: a zero chlorine surface disinfectant ideal for industrial use.

Floor marking tapes: To implement social distancing and ‘monitor traffic’ we provide durable, industrial-grade floor marking tape that is highly visible and can weather heavy foot traffic.

Deep cleaning: We have launched our mobile Hall’s Deep Clean Team service, where our team of trained professionals will disinfect your entire space with powerful sanitizers. To find out more about our Deep Clean service and book a free quote, click here….

In everything we do, we are guided by our passion for our industry and our commitment to our customers. Contact us on 033 394 3976, or use our online chat facility on our website, to book your consult today. For your convenience, we will upgrade your business to our free delivery service.

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