Our Turnkey Solutions!
Many clients have been hesitant to proceed with their decorative, industrial, and functional finish projects alone. Concerns around the correct application of the product, labour, possible learning curves, and additional costs due to error, are some of the reasons why they find it beneficial to rather use a professional.

Hearing what they had to say we introduced Turnkey Solutions! Our teams have been specializing in these Turnkey solutions since 2005 and have identified three main applications where our skilled team of professional can work in your favour.

  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Waterproofing
  • Painting

Epoxy Flooring

The specifications, sourcing, preparations, applications, and maintenance of these coatings can be challenging. It can save you both time and money by making sure that the concrete surface your contractor lays is ideal for your coating application, this is where we can assist you in advising your contractor on the coating application requirements.

By using onsite testing equipment, we can recommend application methods and products for concrete slabs whereby limiting product failure.


With over 30 years’ experience in identifying water concerns in roofs, walls, and floors, our highly skilled team are equipped to recommend and implement the most suitable solutions for your domestic and industrial waterproofing problems. It is noteworthy that not many water issues ever look the same, it takes experience to identify and combat these.


With the use of our reliable and long-standing suppliers, we can provide you with a professional painting service every time! At the beginning of any project a ‘painting plan’ is developed to meet your needs, taking into consideration the size and location of the industrial, commercial, or domestic structure and the daily activities inside the structure, to minimise any disruption. One of the latest additions to our painting services is a graffiti technique – see our blog post here to read more!

Get in touch with us

Our skilled team of professionals are here to assist you with on-site advice, product supply and application in your home, office, and contract work! Contact us on sales@hallsretail.com or 033 394 3976 to request an on-site meeting with one of our professionals to discuss your Turnkey requirements!

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