Hall's Painting Solutions
Our skilled team of professionals are here to assist you with on-site advice, product supply and application in your home, office, and contract work! Our Turnkey team have expert knowledge in painting services ideal for our next big project!

Many clients have been hesitant to proceed with their decorative, industrial, and functional finish projects alone. Concerns around the correct application of the product, labour, possible learning curves, and additional costs due to error, are some of the reasons why they find it beneficial to rather use a professional.

We are proud stockists of some of the top paint brands including Dulux, Excelsior, Duram and Powafix! This allows us to provide you, the customer, with a variety of solutions when it comes to your paint requirements, whether it be interior, exterior, gloss, sheen, or matte.
With the help of our Paint Bar, we are ready and able to provide you, our loyal customer, with custom tinted colours suitable to your desired finish. Whether you require a specific colour to match an exiting structure or you've seen a tint that you like, a sample of this is all that we need to match your requirements.
Should you need assistance with selecting colours in a new building or a revamp of a space, our Decor Consultant can help! Working alongside one of our Turnkey specialists, our Decor Consultant can guide you in creating a beautiful space that is both tasteful and practical for it's use purpose.
Rest easy in the knowledge that our Turnkey Solutions can cater to your every need. Contact us on sales@hallsretail.com or 033 394 3976 to request an on-site meeting with one of our professionals to discuss your Turnkey requirements!

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