Hall’s #LitterHeroes is on a mission

Hall’s Retail in partnership with Ward 27 has launched the #LitterHeroes initiative to tackle the massive issue of litter in our beautiful city.


“We are in the business of creating sustainable solutions for real problems, not just for our customers but for our entire community. A major issue is the litter problem on Victoria Road, in our suburb, our Ward and in the whole of PMB which has reached catastrophic proportions, and so we decided to step up and take action, “ say Hall’s Financial Manager, Coral Gold.


Hall’s Litter Heroes are local, unemployed women who have been recruited to tackle the litter problem by cleaning up the streets of Ward 27 once a week. We have also placed branded and clearly marked, weighted rubbish bins along Victoria road, to encourage the public to join the initiative.


“Our aim is to provide this service to all other streets in the CBD, to clean up our city and to provide employment at the same time,” continues Coral.


The Hall’s Litter Heroes initiative kicked off on 24 October and since then the Litter Heroes have cleaned up on a weekly basis, cleared all the municipal waste bags collected on the streets, weeded the verges and planted Verbena along Victoria road in the effort to clean and re-green the area. Local business Hilliar & Gray have also joined the initiative by donating money to the cause.


“Litter Heroes has gained a lot of positive feedback from neighbouring businesses, the community and on social media, and we encourage all businesses to join the cause to clean up our city,” says Coral.


The Hall’s Litter Heroes initiative has also recently gained a new champion ~ Pietermaritzburg Mayor, Mzi Thebolla. Mayor Thebolla rolled up his sleeves, grabbed a broom and joined our team as we cleaned central Pietermaritzburg last week. Mayor Thebolla is working with Hall’s to propel our initiative and discussions are in the works to get the powers-that-be on board to clean up and make Pietermaritzburg beautiful once again!


For any further information and to join the Hall’s Litter Heroes initiative, contact Coral Gold at fm@hallsretail.com

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