Bridges that connect

On a happier note, this month, bridges across our city received a transformation as part of the #BridgesProject by the Rerouting Arts Festival ~ a local project which saw local artists use 5 bridges across Pietermaritzburg as their canvas for inspiring works of art.


We were the lead sponsor for the project providing primers, paints and all the painting supplies use by the artists for the transformative projects.

“We are extremely proud to have been part of the #BridgesProject, because reviving our City is a core component of the Hall’s Retail ethos.


We have already been lending a hand to restore PMB to its former glory with our highly successful and much talked about #LitterHeroes project, in association with Ward 27; a project that was launched to address the growing litter crisis in Victoria Road and the surrounding streets in the centre of town.  The #BridgesProject is a perfect extension to this initiative,” says our CEO, Martin Hall.


As part of our commitment to further support these inspiring and uplifting projects in an attempt to transform our city, we have launched Hall’s Initiatives – where we invite all like-minded businesses and individuals who share the same values, to join and partner with us to give to support these causes that enrich, unite and strengthen the PMB community.



To view and support Hall’s Initiatives click here:


We look forward to support worthy causes across our city and would love to hear from you about initiatives that deserve immediate attention. Please contact us at and we would be happy to consider your project.


More about the #BridgesProject

Each of the artists picked themes and used their talent to bring attention to issues and thought provoking messages that resonate with us South Africans in our everyday lives. Read more about each of their work below.


Peter Kerchoff Bridge (Clarendon)

The Peter Kerchoff Bridge was transformed by PMB-based artist and printmaker Eloff Pretorious using the theme – ‘bees’. As we all know, bees which play a vital role in nature as a species are under threat.  Eloff’s work reminds us that we are all interconnected and that one species cannot survive without the other, reiterating the importance of nature’s creatures and our responsibility to protect them.


Mayor’s Walk Bridge (Prestbury)

Putting a smile on anyone’s face with its bold, black and white patterns, the newly revitalised Mayor’s Walk Bridge is the result of the local artist, Meg Moore’s, incredible handywork. The patterns that are unmistakably South African in style, give us all a sense of pride for our City.


Edendale Bridges (Edendale)
Two Edendale bridges received powerful makeovers with authentically South African artwork.

The first bridge is now graced by the image of a woman silenced by a gag, addressing the critical issue of gender-based violence in South Africa. The artwork, created by artist, Siyabonga Ngubane, brings attention to this grave issue, telling us that our nation must not only address this issue, but overcome it together.

The second Edendale bridge, transformed by artist, Siyabonga Sikosana, who grew up in Edendale, is a depiction of how our daily lives can be colourful, beautiful and always memorable.

YMCA Bridge (Scottsville)

The bollards at the YMCA bridge got an eye-catching makeover thanks to graffiti artists Jono Hornby, Dylan Smith and Ryan Allan, who created futuristic renditions  of the Msunduzi elephant ~ the symbol of our City.

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