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During the Lockdowns, keeping the kids entertained has been taken to another level… enter Hall’s So Modge More, so much more than just glue, it can be used to stick, as a finisher and sealant.  

This crafting genius can be used for almost any project, from home decor and jewellery, to scrapbooking and upcyclingand on most surfaces - essentially it is the decoupage medium no self-respecting crafter should be without!  

Top tips for using Hall’s So Modge More modge podge at home 

Tip 1: Apply the modge podge with a foam brush or flat paintbrush, but for a super smooth application, we recommend you use a piece of firm foam or a foam brushThe bristles of a flat brush can sometimes leave brush marks in your application while a foam brush allows for greater control over the quantity of modge podge you are applying in one go. 

Tip 2: Whilst it might feel dry-to-the-touch in an hour or so, the best thing to do with your modge podge project, is leave it to dry fully overnight. 

Tip 3: When using modge podge as a sealant and finish, be sure to cover the entire surface of your chosen project using thin, even strokes. Do not apply the podge thickly, instead rather add multiple coats.  

Tip 4. Leave approximately an hour’s drying time in-between coats, and if you see any brush strokes you are unhappy with once each layer is dry, sand them out using super-fine sandpaper, and wipe down with a duster afterwards. Add a final topcoat over your sanded layer, and leave for 24 hours to dry. 

See below a few crafty projects for using Hall’s So Modge More for inspiration: 

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