Hall’s how to: Kid’s Christmas crafts

It’s that time of the year again, when school is closed, the kids are home and you need to keep them occupied till Santa arrives!

Put their energy to good use and help them make these super easy and super cute Christmas crafts. Here’s the list of our favourites that adults and kiddies can do together.


Handprint wreath

This adorable little wreath is a great memory-maker for the holidays and is extremely easy to make.


Using a dinner plate, trace a circle on a piece of stiff craft paper. Then place a bowl in the centre of the circle and trace it out, then cut out both circles – this forms the back of the wreath.


Next, trace your little ones’ hands onto craft paper and cut these out too – cut at least 20 to 25 hands and then glue these around the circle.


Add ribbons, little red circles for “berries” or glitter to add that personal touch.


(Pic source: Mynameissnickerdoodle)






Candle craft

Suitable for kids aged 4 and above, this little candle can be used as a tree ornament, as decorations throughout the house or as a table embellishment for each setting.


To make the candle, cut two strips from A4-sized paper, glue the ends of the strips together to make an ‘L’ shape.

Now fold the vertical strip over the horizontal strip and continue folding the strips over each other. Glue the ends together.


Cut out a flame shape, draw on “flame” detail and then stick it to the top of the candle.

Add each guests’ name to the base and voilá, your personalised name settings are sorted!


(Pic source: Pinterest)






Christmas tree whirly-gig

This cute little Christmas tree can be customized any way you like, so let the kids’ imagination run free to create their own unique tree.


To make this tree paint a paper plate in a bright Christmas green on both sides. Once dry, cut a spiral into the plate. The thinner the spiral, the longer the tree will be.


Now go ahead and use glitter to make baubles, stick shiny stickers and customize it any way you like.

Add a piece of string and staple it to the top of the tree and hang your tree whirly-gig as a tree ornament or around the house.


(Pic source: vocal.media)




Now the kids can enjoy the festive season making their own unique Christmas crafts, that could also make adorable gifts! Happy crafting!

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